About Us

In an area where a specific genre of music reigns supreme, The Vibesmen do not conform. The group’s combination of reggae, rock, punk rock, and hip-hop make them unique in sound and eye-catching in any show they are part of. The presence of the band can be felt throughout Maryland, with powerful performances in venues and bars all around the state. Influences include 311, The Police, and Pepper. The band’s rhythm section, Jesse Johnson on bass and Jimmy Cropper on drums, keep a groove locked down while Drew Creed and Danny Cruise switch off between rhythm and lead guitar duties. Nick DePietro, the lead singer of the group, keeps the crowd on its feet by jumping around the stage and getting the crowd to dance and sing along.

“Crunch Time” was the band’s first single, released in January 2016. Following up on the positive feedback on the single, the Vibesmen’s debut album, “Tasty Waves” soon followed in the summer of 2016. “Tasty Waves” mixes elements of rock, reggae, funk, and punk rock into one collection of songs. Currently, the Vibesmen are working on their second album, which is yet to be titled.

The five members of the band put as much work into their craft as they do into their worlds outside of music. With music that holds a sweet and sour for anyone’s taste, The Vibesmen are able to reach listeners no matter the genre.